Curriculum Intent, Implementation and Impact

The curriculum at Ruskin Infant School and Nursery is built on the foundations of the school’s values (LARRI) to ensure that:

  • Love of learning – children leave our school as confident lifelong learners with a positive attitude to learning and, through the use of Building Learning Powers (BLP), a solid understanding of the learning processes - Resilience, Resourcefulness, Reflectiveness and Reciprocity.
  • Aspiration – children thrive on challenge and aim to be the best they can be, ensuring that added cultural capital allows them an equality of opportunity in their future.
  • Respect – children grow up to be well rounded, positive citizens, with respect for all cultural, spiritual and moral differences.
  • Resilience – regardless of starting point, children leave our school with strategies to tackle challenge, manage problems and have a ‘can do’ attitude.
  • Independence – children can work on their own, in groups and can identify strategies to support their own learning.

Curriculum Intent

At Ruskin Infant School and Nursery, our intent is that all children will leave school with a love of learning. They will have the skills to question and investigate to deepen their own knowledge and that of those around them. They will have the resilience to learn from challenges, reflect upon their own learning and to equip them to become independent learners.

As a school, we carefully reflect on the needs of our pupils and the needs of our school community. We have developed a curriculum which we believe offers high quality learning opportunities and is aspirational for every pupil. The school’s curriculum is currently being developed to ensure that it is coherently planned and sequenced towards children’s cumulatively sufficient knowledge and skills for their future learning. The curriculum is successfully adapted, designed or developed to be ambitious and meet the needs of pupils with SEN and/or disabilities, developing their knowledge, skills and abilities to apply what they know and can do with increasing fluency and independence. The school also ensures that at every possible opportunity, it provides children with opportunities to gain the cultural capital, knowledge and life skills they need to succeed in life and give them confidence in the wider society.

Teachers have good knowledge of the subject(s) and courses they teach and experienced subject leaders provide effective support for those teaching outside their main areas of expertise. Where subject leaders are new to their role, the Head teacher and SLT provide (where possible) subject specific training and support to develop them as a subject leader. The school teaches a broad range of subjects (exemplified by the national curriculum) in KS1 and throughout the EYFS.

Curriculum Implementation

The intent of our curriculum begins from the outset in the Early Years. Here, children are provided with creative and engaging ways to explore and investigate their learning, so that the foundations are laid for a lifelong love of learning from the very beginning. Through innovative learning experiences, children are encouraged to become inquisitive resilient learners who readily challenge themselves. Learning is enhanced throughout the school through Forest Schools where the staff and children use the school’s own Forest School to develop a range of skills in a natural, outdoor setting.

The foundations are then built on further in Key Stage One, where a knowledge rich curriculum allows children to embed their core skills through a variety of learning experiences. Offsite visits and visitors in to schools, linked to the curriculum, provide first-hand experience for children to ensure that the children’s learning is memorable and enables them to challenge themselves further. Regular sporting experiences, library sessions, crafts and extra-curricular events also widen children’s opportunities. Other experiences, e.g. theatre, cinema and seaside trips serve to further enrich the wider curriculum for the children and develop cultural capital, where otherwise these experiences would be unlikely to take place.

Throughout their time at Ruskin Infant School and Nursery, our pupils engage with the local community through local area and church visits, as well as singing at the care home and supporting local charities. Our core values are central to everything we do and ensure that our pupils make a positive contribution to society. Working in partnership with families is an integral aspect of life at Ruskin Infant School and Nursery and parents are regularly invited to school to participate in their child’s learning and celebrate their achievements.

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