As of September 2014, The New National curriculum is fully implemented with a substantial emphasis on the core subjects of English, DSC 7083Mathematics and Science. The foundation subjects of Computing, Art and design, Design and Technology, Geography, History, Music, Physical Education and Religious Education are also covered.

All areas of the curriculum are planned by teachers in units of work, usually covering half a term. Cross curricular units are planned throughout the year which means that some subjects will be taught together under a theme. This will only take place where it makes sense for learning experiences to be taught together, where pupil's learning can be enhanced.

Assessment for learning takes place at the beginning of each unit of work and is carried out on a daily basis to ensure work is appropriately matched to each child's ability. We aim to meet children's individual needs as much as possible. Teachers will structure their teaching so that children of all abilities are able to be successful. Children will be encouraged to be self reflective and focus on what has helped them to learn. 

To find out more read the Primary national curriculum for KS1.

Phonics is taught following the Letters and Sounds guidance, using Jolly phonics for actions and rhymes to support learners.

Key Stage 1 Support