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The children went on a virtual reality tour and set off on their journey to Australia!

They discussed the changing landscapes and pointed out physical features such as the coast and mountains. 

Following their 22 hour flight they were exhausted! 

Our imaginative reading corner has been transformed! The children have enjoyed reading stories and getting into character whilst relaxing on Bondi Beach. 

They have challenged themselves by testing their comprehension skills by using the reading stem beach ball. 

Year 1 loved Science Week! We linked our learning of fairy tales and carried out many experiments to see how we could make Baba Yaga disappear! Some of the experiments we carried out tested the enquiry questions:

-          What variables will affect the distance travelled of a rocket?

-          Can you inflate a balloon without using your hands or blowing air into it?

The children also planted their own bean to create a beanstalk for Jack! We have loved to see and hear the children are continuing their learning at home. We have received images of how tall the beanstalks have grown since being in the children's homes!

Well done Year 1 – you are fantastic scientists!

Year 1 have started their brand new topic – Land Ahoy! We have been fantastic researchers and discovered many new facts about pirates whilst reading non-fiction reports.

We have loved using our knowledge when getting into character in our role-plays! We have a very exciting few weeks ahead! 

The children are learning about traditional tales. This week they have been focusing on their key characteristics.

They used this knowledge to create their own traditional tale which included a  'good character', a 'bad character' and a problem!

The children mapped out their own story and then told it to each other using storytelling language.
We are very excited to see them come to life in the next few days.
We are confident they are going to be fantastic authors! 
traditional tales 1  traditional tales 3traditional tales 2