The children have been learning about the Northamptonshire Shoe Industry.

They explored some of the historical shoes from the local museums and have learned about the process of making them.

This week they became Cobblers themselves! During DT, they designed, created and evaluated their very own shoe and they look fabulous!

All of the children shown excellent perseverance when sewing the material together – well done!

Division 8.2.19


This week the children have been using their knowledge of arrays and how they can be used to solve division number sentences.

The children challenged themselves by looking for patterns and identifying which amounts can be shared equally between 2 and 3 groups.

What a fantastic bunch of mathematicians! 

Weater forecast 8.2.19

In year 1, the children have been learning about the United Kingdom.

Using this knowledge, and their understanding of the four seasons, the children presented a weather forecast.

They were encouraged to create different weather scenarios for different areas of the United Kingdom.

They presented this to the rest of the class! 

Look out for them on BBC News in a few years time!