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This term Year 2 are learning and invesigating the Great Fire of London. 

Last week we discovered that it began in a bakery on Puddling Lane that belonged to the baker Thomas Farynor. The children used storytelling techniques to rewrite the dramatic events that unfolded during the terrifying 4 days of burning. 

We researched art that had been created shortly after the Great Fire of London and we used our sketching skills to recreate this art work. The children used the foreground, midground and background to create depth to the image. They used shading to show the smoke rising and shadows on the River Thames. 

This week children became historians and used maps to investigate and explain the areas of London that burned quickly as well as discovering how the wind changed the speed and ferocity of the fire. They were asked to justify their ideas using the evidence that they found on the maps. 



Year 2 have loved Science week! 

We have explored the amazing world of Science through lots of different experiments to answer quesions such as:

Can you blow up a balloon without pumping air into it? 

Which chocolate melts fastest? 

These questions linked with our learning about George's Marvellous Medicine and Charlie and the Chocolate Factory. 

The children had fantastic ideas! When asked what we can use to blow up the balloon, someone answered 'Fire, like a hot air balloon'! 

Science week showed us how incredible our children are at making links and explaining their reasoning. 


Year 2 have been revising addition and subtraction. To spice things up they were given a challenge! 

They were asked to solve a Tarsia Puzzle. They were showed the completed puzzle which was either a triangle or star shape. This was then broken up into seperate triangles and on each triangle they had different calculations to solve. Once they solved the calculations they could match the puzzle pieces together to find the answers. 

The completed puzzles were hidden around the room to allow children a sneak peak if they needed a clue about where to put the different puzzle pieces. 

Even the adults had to think carefully about where to put each puzzle piece!

Tarsia Puzzles need lots of perserverance and resilience and Year 2 definitely proved they have plenty of it! Some children really challenged themselves and even managed to complete 2 Tarsia Puzzles! 

Year 2 created their own chocolate truffles using different flavourings. 

They chose from a range of flavours including cinammon, coffee, lemon, mint and chilli. 

After they had created their chosen flavour, they wrote a review to Willy Wonka himself! 

In the review they explained which flavours were the class favourite. 

2AD found that the mint flavour was over powering! Even the lemon truffles ended up tasting like mint!