Year 2 have loved Science week! 

We have explored the amazing world of Science through lots of different experiments to answer quesions such as:

Can you blow up a balloon without pumping air into it? 

Which chocolate melts fastest? 

These questions linked with our learning about George's Marvellous Medicine and Charlie and the Chocolate Factory. 

The children had fantastic ideas! When asked what we can use to blow up the balloon, someone answered 'Fire, like a hot air balloon'! 

Science week showed us how incredible our children are at making links and explaining their reasoning. 


Year 2 created their own chocolate truffles using different flavourings. 

They chose from a range of flavours including cinammon, coffee, lemon, mint and chilli. 

After they had created their chosen flavour, they wrote a review to Willy Wonka himself! 

In the review they explained which flavours were the class favourite. 

2AD found that the mint flavour was over powering! Even the lemon truffles ended up tasting like mint! 

Year 2 went to the offsite Forest School for the first time last week! 

2AD were the first to venture off site but all of the year 2s will soon follow. 

We walked to Glamis Meadow on a drizzly morning with bright smiling faces! 

When in the forest, the children were shown their safe boundary and ate their snacks. 

The children were free to explore the forest searching for different kinds of leaves and trees. 

They then used the trees to build houses and gym equipment! 

We were even greeted by two friendly dogs! 

Year 2 have been very busy this week exploring and measuring length. 

We have linked our maths learning with the book that we have started to read- Charlie and the Chocolate Factory. 

The children measured chocolate bars using cubes and centimeters! We wished they were longer! 

In the classroom they compared the lengths of their arms and legs to their friends'.

On the playground we discovered who could run the furthest in 3 seconds, who could throw the furthest and who could jump the longest. 

We also linked our maths with Science. We were investigating the length of snakes and how long our vivariums should be to keep them safe. 

We found the longest vivarium we needed was more than 100cm! 

What a busy week of maths it has been! 




We have been exploring fractions in year 2.

We have looked at different shapes and even found mixed fractions!

Some of us used pizza (not edible, unfortunately!) to find different fractions.