IMG 1365This week children were exploring and invesigating patterns in rows and columns. They learnt that these are called Arrays. 

They were beginning to understand how arrays could be used to solve repeated addition number sentences. Children then challenged themselves to change a repeated addition calculation into a multiplication calculation. 

To challenge themselves even more they were then finding how an array can show the commutative law!!

What fantastic mathematicians they are! 

On the 5th of January the whole school celebrated 'Kindness Day'. 

 Year 2 spent the day thinking about the importance of being kind and how saying something kind can pull someone through a day when they are feeling blue. 

The children learnt a poem about a stray cat called Alex and they heard real life kindness stories from across the world. 

In the afternoon 2AD decided they wanted to do a random act of kindness and spent time litter picking across the school.

They collected two bin bag full of rubbish! 

IMG 1438

IMG 1436


We have been exploring different life cycles. We explored human, penguin, butterfly and tadpole life cycles. 

This week we have been making predictions about which life cycle animals belong to. Children had the start of a life cycle and had to predict which animal it would grow into. They used their observational skills to notice changes that happened and used this to change their predictions. 

Everybody was very excited when the golden result envelopes were handed out and we could discover if the predictions were right or wrong! 


 Year 2 have been exploring our local area and comparing this to a city in another country.

 They have been exploring Accra in Ghana and have been noticing similarities and differences. 

 They were shocked to hear that the lowest temperature in Accra is 22 degrees celsius! 


This week children in Year 2 have been imitating Hermelin and have been investigating the inverse and the commutative law. They have been using number bonds to find fact families and notice number patterns. Children worked collaboratively showing their incredible love of learning!